Moh – Fashion & Retail Business Workshop

“Entrepreneurs are made, not born“

Every aspect of a new venture lies in the hands of the entrepreneur. They need to know everything about the business and take the roll as a visionary, project manager, salesperson and more.

The Fashion & Retail Business Workshop by “moh” is designed for students and upcoming designers to provide basic skills of fashion design, small business development and management.

Benefits that the workshop offers:

1) Experience – The aspirants will get a hands-on experience as a professional starting on day one through practical trainings, internships, guest speakers, field trips and more, exploring their interests while learning the fashion retail store management, garment designing & development/construction.

2) Opportunities – The workshop aims to provide new business opportunity platforms for emerging fashion entrepreneurs/designers requiring professional management knowledge, guidance, practical training and systematic support in establishing themselves in the fashion industry.

3) Management Skills – The challenges faced to start-up creative enterprises are central topics and issues of this workshop, and students will begin to explore what factors inhibit their growth potential and how to face and minimize risk.

4) Best of both worlds – This workshop is designed to link creative and business thinking to nurture flexibility, entrepreneurship and change in trends.

5) Experts’ sharing their Experience – Through mentoring from MeetaManglani (Phulwani), founder of “moh” and other industry experts, students will be supported to perfect personal aptitudes while developing their techniques and skills associated with entrepreneurial spirit.

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