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Event At Moh – Let’s Get Attached – Celebrating Women Entrepreneurship in Ahmedabad

Let’s Get Attached – Celebrating Women’s Entrepreneurship in Ahmedabad Invitation

It’s a fact that the number of Women Entrepreneurs is increasing in India and worldwide.

Encouraging Women Empowerment, we have organised this event. Generally, there’s a myth that women cannot let other women be more successful, but this is the time where we all have to join hands and support each other.

Organisers, Meeta Manglani, Owner of Moh Studio and NehaBhatt , Owner of Studio Dreamzzz, are two successful  Women Entrepreneurs in Ahmedabad have jointly  sponsored to organise the event.

The event will be donating to “Karunalay” an initiative by Shyam Oncology Foundation, identified palliative care (the care of patients whose conditions are nonresponsive to curative treatment) including pain management an important area of need for cancer patients in the last stage of treatment.

Here is the agenda of the event, Ladies!

5:00 pm – Welcoming at Moh Studio & Special Fun Photoshoot by Neha Bhatt Photography.

6:00 pm – Introduction.
1. Interactive session among all guest Women Entrepreneurs
2. Speakers session
– Encouraging why Women Entrepreneurs should promote and explore their business to grow, and tips how to do. By Ilaxiben Patel
– Introduction to the GCCI Women’s Committee, about its important role it plays in Women Entrepreneurship in Ahmedabad. By Veenaben Parikh
– Women’s Self-confidence, Health, State of Mind, and Women’s Growth are major subjects taking Women Empowerment to the next level, and how the youth think.  By KrutikaKatrat

7:00 pm –Networking & Refreshments.

We are glad to organize this event with Neha Bhatt supporting Women Entrepreneurship in Ahmedabad.